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Booking a Belly Dancer

Belly dancing is an exciting dance form that excels at entertaining audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

  • I have been performing for many years and I am comfortable doing many different kinds of shows, tailored to any kind of audience.

  • I have danced at a wide variety of events, from restaurants to nightclubs, from weddings to burlesque shows. I can create an atmosphere from subdued and hypnotic, to upbeat and exciting.

  • Have you considered "BELLY-GRAMS" a wonderful surprise alternative designed to draw the spotlight on the star of the occasion (birthdays, universeries, graduations, engagements) and can be performed almost anywhere.

  • A standard show is usually around 30 minutes, and is suitable for many events.
    Rates depend on location, length of show, frequency (if any), and any special circumstances.

  • A performance can include props like veils, finger cymbals, swords or candles.

  • I provide my own music, costumes, and props. All that is needed on your part is a CD sound system or band, a change room and space to dance!

  • Please keep in mind that bellydance is a respected art form and events like bachelor parties are not appropriate.

    Please contact me for more details at

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Visit me for a Belly Dance inspired aerobics class.

24hr Fitness
Near Willowbrook Mall

Mondays & Thursdays
7:00pm to 8:00pm

  • Classes teach total muscle isolation, elegant hand gestures, and intricate body gyrations. Includes distinctive music and traditional movements for a unique workout.

  • Lose weight and look great while learning one of the most ancient and beautiful forms of self expression.

  • A fun and inspirational low impact workout.

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